#COP21 ends, now what?

#COP21 ends, what happened, what happens next, did we achieve anything, what are we trying to achieve, what are our collective dreams, how do we get there???

Here in Curitiba, Brazil with Curitiba Pelo Clima (Curitiba for the climate) we created new open processes and spaces to connect the different groups, projects, communities… We are “Thinking global, acting local”, but we are also thinking and acting Global-local at all the scales together.. networks within networks.. We finished a 2 week experiment with a #ViradaClimatica, it was a hectic and chaotic few days, we dreamed big, we tried to do some things, we achieved some goals, failed in others, but no problem, we learn, adapt, move on… Now we go forward, built on new relationships, more organised, knowing what we need to do and how do it..

This is hard to grasp, but we are the “Immune system” of life itself kicking in (As Paul Hawken nicely framed it), “we are nature defending itself” as #climategames put it.. We dont have all the answers, but we are creating open systems for maximum input, involvement, participation to allow for the discussions to happen, from which things are built.. Its a big challenge, but we can do it, we are doing it..


Thanks to all who are working to create a sustainable world together. We know it’s a huge challenge! We also know it’s possible to make the change. Not only possible, but essential.. We can do it, we’re already making the change. Building local solutions in our home communities, connecting with more groups, at all scales, to build up strength and resilience.. We are a global family, with all the diversity…
Thanks to all who were in Paris these last 2 weeks and longer, thanks to those who weren’t there physically but were there in all other senses… We can and will build on these 2 weeks, address what little local problems we have to work at, identify and connect with more local groups, projects, communities and TOGETHER build up the culture that will make the necessary change… We can do it, we’re doing it…

At the end of it all, having these problems is a fantastic opportunity for us to participate in fantastic adventures.. The greatest story ever… That’s how it will be remembered, when, like in the last page of the asterix books, our communities gather together to eat and drink together, to celebrate the life, to share stories and more adventures.. They will tell our grandchildren about the crazy, wild, passionate and often sad stories of how we got from here now to there tomorrow…

Thanks to all already participating, you give us strength, hope and courage… Somos juntos, vamos em frente, juntos
(Were all together, let’s go forward, together)

(Curitiba for the climate, come on you guys too..)

(Long live Mother Earth)

Dunk, an Irish guy in Brazil, 1 of the people working from the “Curtiba Pelo Clima” new open space.

350.org vid of D12, the last day of action in Paris with the #Redlines action:

Climate Games trailer:


Post #COP21 reports from some groups..

Paris deal: Epic fail on a planetary scale

‘Father of climate change’ James Hansen says the Paris deal is ‘just bull***t’

COP21: The curtain falls on a masquerade

Final COP 21 text a disaster for the world’s most vulnerable and future generations

COP21: View from the streets as summit reaches climax

Five things you need to know about the Paris climate deal




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